Your education...protected.

Malpractice insurance coverage that safeguards you
throughout your educational career.


Protection you deserve from a name you can trust.

AANA Insurance Services' industry-leading malpractice insurance coverage has been safeguarding the nurse anesthesia profession for over 30 years.

Cost Effective

Ensure you are properly protected during clinicals for
as little as $275 per year Contact us to learn more.

Coverage Benefits
  • Pure consent to settle - You decide how a claim is
  • Occurrence coverage - No need to purchase a tail.
  • Defense cost outside of limits
Unrivaled Protection & Support

AANA Insurance Services works in conjunction with
MedPro Group, the nation's oldest and strongest
malpractice insurance company, to provide the
highest quality coverage and customer service.

Malpractice Insurance

Adrianna Silva, SRNA
Providence Sacred Heart
Medical Center Gonzaga

As an SRNA, I have a lot of
responsibilities to worry about. Thanks
to AANA Insurance Services,
malpractice insurance isn't one of

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coverage options